S1E15: Turning Your Pain, Passion and Potential Into Profit with CEO Angelica Norton

We had the distinct pleasure in this episode of having with us Mrs. Angelica Norton Author, Speaker, and CEO of the 30 Day University.

Angelica is also recognized as a Trainer/Facilitator, which provides informational trainings and workshops to agencies and organizations working with at-risk youth and families in poverty. Angelica began her career working with at-risk youth in 1998, through Central City YMCA in Tampa, Fl. Since then, Angelica's innovative methods caught the attention of many
organizations. Such as, Juvenile Welfare Board, Big Brothers Big Sister, Department of Juvenile Justice Diversion Program, Hillsborough County School District, The Housing Authority (Youth Build Program),  and Pinellas County Jail serving youth offenders.

In this episode we talked about:

1. Knowing how and when to pivot

2. Rebranding and repositioning your business

3. Mastering the inner game of becoming resilient

4. 30 Day University

5. The book "Divorcing Poverty" and so much more!

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