about noble resolutions

“Work is the opportunity of the full consciousness of human potential. Work does not have to destroy us – it can be the way we attain our fullest self.”

Noble Resolutions is, first and foremost, a full-service leadership coaching, consulting, and professional development training company. Despite what many people might believe, every single person is born with the instinctive ability to grow and succeed in both their personal life, and in their work.

We’re not just a ‘coaching company’ though – we’re a network of professionals who are building a platform dedicated to reaching people through our work, and helping them grow into the best versions of themselves they can be. This is our mission, our vision, and the foundation on which our company is built: whether we connect with you through one of our workshops, bootcamps, developmental tools, or even a podcast, we strive to help each and every one of our clients learn how to help themselves.

Our intent – this happy band of open-hearted warriors that have come together to build this company – is to abide by what we want to teach our clients: to create the company that we want to work for. We come together not for conventional notions of success, but to attempt, as David Whyte says in Crossing the Unknown Sea, “Good work, done well, for the right reasons.”

This company we’ve built has its roots deep within the ideas of transparency and authenticity – around owning our own shadows and cutting the monsters in our heads down to size. In the words of John Kabat-Zinn, this is called “full-catastrophe living”, or, mindfully living with the ups and downs of life.

This means having our full selves show up to work every morning. It means each of us owning the responsibility for creating an environment where we not only have fun, but experiment, try new things, and grow. It means, in essence, creating a company whose work, values, and view of itself is dedicated to the the full realization of human potential. Work does not have to destroy us. Instead, it can be the way in which we learn to achieve our fullest self.

If we as a company can embody those values, then we’re able to show our clients how to do the same. To strive for anything less, would be inauthentic.

There aren’t enough elders, mentors, therapists and coaches in the world to meet the collective needs of everyone who needs them. This is why we have to learn how to help ourselves, and, in the end, this is what Noble Resolutions is all about.

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