S2E7: The Benefits of Adversity

I don't care who you are -- at some point in your life, you are going to be faced with some adversity. Most people will naturally try to run from it — but it's in how you deal with it.  Many individuals have discovered, this past couple of years how important it is in who you hook up with or team up with — The conversations you have in your environment is so, so, important — people spend a lifetime in the wrong environments where they don't grow, they don't expand their capacities and when the crap hit the fan they don't have a plan.

In this special in of year 2021 episode we will talk about “The Benefits of Adversity” -- Yeah I know what you're thinking — since when do those two words co-exist!?!  “Adversity will prove or either disprove what you claim or think you're made of!”

we will discuss four major ways to deal with adversity:

1- Prepare for the journey to be harder than you think it will be

Many people fail because they think it will be easy. — If you prepare for the work to be twice as hard as you think, you’re one step ahead of the game. Being optimistic will get you started, but knowing that you are prepared for shit to hit the fan will help you finish.   Let's not play — there is NO clean way to say certain things!

Like a Soldier, you learn to train as you expect to fight — and from a leader perspective, you replicate tough battlefield conditions by planning and resourcing tough realistic training events. Because you expect shit to hit the fan! And you need your Soldiers to be prepared to react as second nature and not lay down in the foxhole.

2- Manage your fear

A lot of people run away from fear. Sit with it; get to know it; embrace it. When you embrace your fear, you become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

4- You must Find your flow

You can do more in 10 minutes in a flow state than in hours being stressed out. If it feels like you don’t have enough time, take a break, and get into the flow. If you’re stressed, it could be because you forget to feed the king, you forgot to feed the queen. you don’t work out, you don’t meditate, What are you feeding yourself? What are you listening to? What are you watching on a daily? What are you reading? What conversations are you partaking in? Give yourself time to get into the flow state. When you’re in flow, your thought patterns are different than when you are not, and you will be able to see solutions that you couldn’t before.

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