S1E6: Hour of Decision

In this special one on one episode, we’ll talk about this idea of ”Making timely Decisions” we are all very much in this hour of some very serious decisions, there is no escaping. I believe the impact of the pressing decisions of the hour is going to set us on a downward or upward glide path for the next 50 years or more.

So, In that decision-making process, we must first learn to:

  1. Properly assess the situation
  2. Seek out relevant information
  3. weigh options
  4. Make judgments accordingly
  5. Initiate action as required to create a positive outcome within inevitable time constraints

Your decisions require forward thinking and application of the decision making process, not the commonly knee jerk decisions.

We have two roads that we can take at this moment to define the next era. Which one will you be? Visionary or reactionary.

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